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What happened in Dr. Verne's lab?

Meanwhile, at the Ruins of the NYPL, conflict between Dr. Jules Verne and Lt. Blondie comes to a head

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy with Michael Lewis: The plot thickens at the Dermalian archaeological dig, Ruins of the NYPL. Conflict between Dr. Jules Verne and Lt. Blondie comes to a head: Dr. Verne Blows Up. — Sylviatoyindustries (@sylvia_toy) June 17, 2018
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Scene in progress: Dr. Verne Blows Up

Scene in-progress. #Animations#femalefilmmakerfriday#scififri#greenscreen#DERMALIAN#movie#preproduction#sylviatoyindustries An alien race long after humans discovers the ruins of the NYPL. DERMALIAN BY SYLVIA TOY.— Sylviatoyindustries (@sylvia_toy) June 16, 2018

DERMALIAN: Outline of Act One

Act One

The story begins when Dr. Jane, during her routine checkup on The Reenactor, is alarmed by the readings on the medical monitor. She follows him from section to section of the Space Bubble, as he wanders in a zombie-like state reciting monologues from Shakespearean tragedies (Macbeth, Hamlet,  Lear). The Reenactor eventually disappears, merging through the Plasma covering an entryway at the of a hall. The doctor studies the readings for a moment, shakes her head and puts her instruments, gloves, mask and head covering into her pockets. She removes her jacket and begins to merge into Dermalian form. She comingles with the Plasma as the scene ends.
In the meantime, Captain Barack is at the helm reporting via IntraSpacial (the Dermalian communication system) to his superior at Dermalia Prime High Command, Sub-Commander Jacqueline Pearce who is Director of the Earth Archaeological Project. As he closes his communication, Dr. Jane enters the cockpit to make her rout…

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy NEW ANIMATIONS|Compiled stills April May 7 © 2018


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