Thoughts about production design

I really liked the Plasma images that I created for the Space Bubble in the Storyboard. The very busy original backdrops are bright and animated and fun to look at. The computers and communication devices in DERMALIAN are prominent in many of the scenes; and the new design of the AI is based on dynamic animated neurons. That will not work against brightly spinning walls. Design-wise, all that movement and clashy color would be too busy. More importantly, it would be confusing. Most of the movie is composed of handmade imagery. Those images have to make sense and have to make sense in relation to each other in order to keep the viewer in the world of the story. In re-thinking the Space Bubble ship design, I thought about osmosis, pressure and air; and I'm experimenting with footage of cells and bubbles. And now I'm thinking that the Space Bubble pulsates and my animator brain in creating images for the long shot cutaways of the ship undulating and vibrating as it moves through space to Earth. Since the beginning of the project I've worried about the backdrops having too flat an appearance, which is something I really dislike in animation. I spent yesterday reworking the scene of Captain Barack at the Helm with his AI device in order to create more depth and dimensionality. Thanks for watching. DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy: Aliens long after humans, who having discovered the ruins of the New York Public Library & becoming enamored of humans, establish the Ruins of the NYPL archaeological site & investigate why humans became extinct. You can make a donation to the project through our fiscal sponsor Women Make Movies: Many thanks to donors Gwendolyn Audrey Foster, David Griess and Mrs. Pippi Konstanski. #femalefilmmakers #scifi #empathy #environment
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