The next stage: A 45-minute trailer

You think life is hard because the local trains are too crowded for you to get on with your videographer’s kit, it’s hot and you’re an old lady hauling 40 pounds of backdrops, lights, cables, tripods, etc.; and then the commuter train you need has delays because of a “major medical emergency.” And you’re so annoyed that you think the transit authorities are lying. But then you finally, with 12 minutes left on your first hour of rental get to the studio and set up your tech test; and you have enough time to figure everything out. On the way home, you find out the commuter train delay was the result of a man being hit by a train. You realize how easy your life is when you have the time, physical strength and presence of mind to do what you want. When I first conceived of DERMALIAN in 2014, I envisioned myself playing all the human roles. I realize that I can do a bigger picture in a greenscreen movie studio with a cast and crew. But I know myself and I know that now that I’ve worked out all the details, if I don’t make at least an abbreviated solo version of DERMALIAN and get it out of my system, I will feel like I missed out and regret it for the rest of my life. By the time I have the means to do the full production, I can have fun being the director and even cast someone else as la Dottoressa, my favorite character. Sometimes letting go is complicated. #arthouse #greenscreen #experimentalfilm #femalefilmmakers #acting
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