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Excerpt (with temporary VO) of Sub-Commander Pearce's Interspace meeting with Captain Méliès

Immediate gratification with a VO of Captain Méliès

The Chase

Today. Background stills by Producer Michael Lewis. — Sylviatoyindustries (@sylvia_toy) May 27, 2019

La Dottoressa chases Lt. Blondie through the Ruins of the NYPL with "Little Big Bang"

Perseverance, adapting, improvising and the sorts of thing that keep a lot of movies from being made

Scene 5 of DERMALIAN, Trailer: Dr. Verne and Lt. Blondie in the Plastic Room

Sub-Commander Jacqueline Pearce enters High Command, also known as The Soul, for a meeting with her boss, High Councillor Leela

Test, Sub-Commander Jacqueline Pearce crossing the bridge to High Command

High Councillor Leela meets with Sub-Commander Pearce in The Soul, excerpt of Scene 2 of the DERMALIAN Trailer