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Third draft of DERMALIAN in progress. DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy. Co-Producer Michael Lewis. Composer Anne Coroller Germanique. LOGLINE: "Aliens long after humans, who having discovered the ruins of the New York Public Library & becoming enamored of humans, establish the Ruins of the NYPL archaeological site & investigate why humans became extinct." You can make a donation to the project through our fiscal sponsor Women Make Movies: Many thanks to donors Roxanne Claire, “Empathy”, Francesca Fini, David Griess, Mrs. Pippi Konstanski and Daniel O'Reilly. #femalefilmmakers #scifi #empathy #environment #plasticpollution #chromakey #greenscreen #animation [I am a middle-class, African-American housewife who greenscreens movies in my livingroom. I have screened internationally in visual arts venues since 2008 & on the film festival circuit since 2014. I am pleased to have received some special recognition: Best Animated Feature Film, Hazel Eye Experimental Film Festival; Best Fx Design, FICOCC #13; Nominee, Best Editing, Austin Arthouse Film Festival; Grand Jury Award & Gold Award, L.A.N.N.E.F.F.; Hon. Mention/Cinematography & Best Director Nominee, Creative Arts Film Festival. BIBLIOGRAPHY: June 2018, July 2017, July 2016, July, 2011, MONOGRAPHY Aug-Sept 2018,]
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