A session with Sister Crusher, Empathy Therapist

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Working on the 3rd draft of my DERMALIAN screenplay. #femalefilmmakers #screenwriting SISTER CRUSHER - Subtitles No, Captain. Communicate mpathically. CAPTAIN BARACK (He looks tongue-tied and then, embarrassed.) SISTER CRUSHER - Subtitles (Swipes an Interspace smart sheet, making some notes.) How long has it been since you communicated empathically? CAPTAIN BARACK - Subtitles (He grimaces as if he's squeezing out a response.) Probably a long time. SISTER CRUSHER - Subtitles Based on your physical responses, I would estimate four or five years. CAPTAIN BARACK - Subtitles Four or five. SISTER CRUSHER - Subtitles That's about the same time that you commanded the crew that was with you on the Space Cube. CAPTAIN BARACK - Subtitles A long time. We could read each other's thoughts without trying. SISTER CRUSHER - Subtitles (Swipes an Interspace smart sheet, making some notes.) "Without trying." In your case, considering your Level 6 Empathy, not trying is the cause of your poor communication with Dr. Jane. Empathy must be exercised, Captain. We are taught this from birth. SUB-COMMANDER JACQUELYN PEARCE (She looks like the cat who swallowed the canary. She nods in agreement with Sister Crusher.) CAPTAIN BARACK I should have kept meditating. SISTER CRUSHER Captain – Barack, you have developed a temporary – SUB-COMMANDER PEARCE (Speaks as if she cannot help herself.) We hope it's temporary! SISTER CRUSHER We will be optimistic. Your temporary disability requires a more intensive approach than daily meditation. (Swipe a prescription on her Interspace smartsheet that appears on Barack's screen.) CAPTAIN BARACK (Reading the prescription, he looks alarmed.) Two hours per day? Where am I supposed to find two hours per day? SISTER CRUSHER Captain? You don't know the answer to your own question–do I need to add a couple more hours to the prescription? CAPTAIN BARACK (Sighs, shaking his head.) No, Sister. I will find them inside myself, where I have not spent enough time for the past five years. SISTER CRUSHER Exactly. If you know that, we can be sure of the cure. BLACKOUT.
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