Two conflicting theories about the cause of Human extinction

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Mystified why it takes 3 drafts to find the status quo/where the story starts. Status quo: Dermalians know how Humans suffocated Earth but they don't know why. There are two conflicting theories about the cause of Human extinction, one based on low intelligence and the other based on lack of empathy. Meanwhile, there is optimism and enthusiasm about the next voyage to Earth of the technologically advanced Space Bubble and its crew, the heroes of the Space Cube incident–Captain Barack, his first mate and his science officer. PROBLEM 1–The Guardian's interference breaks up the Space Bubble crew, creating resentment in Captain Barack. PROBLEM 2–Leela and the High Councillors advise against Sub-Commander Pearce's plan to follow the chain of command in regard to Barack's and Dr. Jane's relationship PROBLEM 3–The Shakespearean ReEnactor's unique physiology compromises the health of the Space Bubble Plasma. PROBLEM 4–Dr. Jane treats the Plasma without notifying Barack and misses the deadline of making her scheduled report to him PROBLEM 5–Barack is so infuriated by what he perceives as Jane's insubordination that he demands a complete written report and she is delayed in alerting him about the Plasma problem PROBLEM 6–By the time Barack reviews Jane's report, it has been 12 hours since the Plasma problem was discovered and Pearce is upset and angry about the delay when Barack reports. PROBLEM 7–Pearce immediately reports to Leela about the medical situation aboard the Space Bubble. PROBLEM 8-Leela takes over direct reporting by Dr. Jane and instructs Sub-Commander Pearce to work with an Empathy Therapist to resolve the conflicts among the Human Dermalians on the Earth Project. END OF ACT ONE–The Guardian exerts his influence to have a treadmill type device constructed for The ReEnactor so he can sleepwalk "in place." ACT TWO Status quo: As Sub-Commander Pearce is assigning an Empathy Therapist, on Earth at the Ruins of the NYPL Captain Méliès' science officer is chasing his first mate out of the NYPL with a lightning emitting device. #screenwriting #femalefilmmakers
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