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"Visual transcendence": Director's Statement by Tess Collins

Director’s Statement
In the late 1990s I attended a Film School Crash Course taught by Dov S-S Simens. While my interest was more in screenwriting, his advice on directing is something that would periodically pop up in my memory. It went something like: Direct the Art; Direct the Scene; Direct the budget and schedule; Direct the camera.  I’m not sure why those four directives stuck with me like keystones through the years when I had begun to pursue novels and put films on the back burner. Some organizing ether seemed to be saying, no matter what you’re doing, don’t forget to direct.
When writing a novel, I found that I would often barebones scenes I didn’t understand, then come back to them later and watch them in my head as if they were a movie. I’d watch once for the action; again for the dialog; for the ambiance, the details, the tension between the characters, the unseen purpose. In essence I’d directed the scene until I could write it. 
I recognize what a tremendous opportunity I ha…

The beginning of a 250-page DERMALIAN storyboard: There is a lot to be said for acting everything out on camera first!

I made so many pre-production research videos to develop the DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy screenplay that I have hundreds of stills I can use instead of drawing every panel.

First 6 pages of DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy (3rd draft)

January 2020 Sample Funding Proposal (first draft)

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy Movie Project Sample Proposal

High Councillor Leela on her way to her office in The Soul at High Command

EXPENSES Copyright Fee $55 - Treatment (registration completed)                         $55 - Screenplay (registration completed)                         $55 - Live action storyboard (registration completed)
Script $1000 Writer's fee         $ 500 Materials, supplies, duplication         $ 250 Translator
Artists' Fees $3000 Director $3000 Cinematographer         $3000 Composer         $1000 Animator $3000 Lead Actor         $2000 Supporting Actor
Production Design         $750 Modelmaker         $750 Modelmaker         $1250 Materials         $ 500 Digital downloads (video and or audio)
Air Travel $7500 Lodging         $4000 Auto Rental$1750
Studio$4000 Rental

Insurance$1885 TOTAL$40800

Introduction I "retired" from paralegal in 2015. Tess Collins, DERMALIAN's director "retired" as a theater manager in 2020. Not only did we both ha…

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy, dir. Tess Collins

I am pleased to announce that my friend of many years, Tess Collins, has agreed to direct DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy.

Tess Collins is a coal miner's granddaughter. She spent her early years listening to mountain tales of haunted hollows, ghosts, moonshiners and unsolved murders. No doubt they influenced her own writing. She is the author of seven novels: SHADOW MOUNTAIN; THE HUNTER OF HERTHA; NOTOWN; HELEN OF TROY; THE LAW OF REVENGE; THE LAW OF THE DEAD; and THE LAW OF BETRAYAL. Tess is also the author of HOW THEATER MANAGERS MANAGE, as well as the plays Helen of Troy, Tossing Monte and Barbarians. She has a Ph.D. in Theater Management, Producing and Writing from The Union Institute and University. This will be her first film.

My husband, Michael Lewis, who is also my Co-Producer, will direct cinematography.

Anne Coroller Germanique is Composer.

I will play most of the roles myself and I will also edit the movie. Tess has expressed interest in taking one of the roles; and I'm ho…

Updating my basic proposal for DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy with about a year’s worth of new information