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The Zombie Shakespearean's Monologue

The Zombie Shakespearean was a serious amateur in theater before his human body began dying and had to undergo frequent repair, which was disable and made it impossible for him to commit to performance engagements. His primary focus after that was perfecting his "Lady Lucia Macbeth di Lammermoor" performance piece, a monologue in which he combines parts of Lady Macbeth's mad scene and Lucia di Lammermoor's 'Il dolce suono' mad scene. NOTE: The Dermalians do not recognize gender unless they pair up in human form for the sake of the pleasures of heterosexual sex.
LADY LUCIA MACBETH di Lammermoor:  Il dolce suono mi colpì di sua voce! Ah, quella voce m'è qui nel cor discesa! Edgardo! io ti son resa. Edgardo! Ah! Edgardo, mio! Si', ti son resa! fuggita io son da' tuoi nemici. Un gelo me serpeggia nel sen! trema ogni fibra! vacilla il piè! Presso la fonte meco t'assidi alquanto! Si', Presso la fonte meco t'assidi. Ohimè, sorge il tremendo fantasma …

DERMALIAN Vlog on Vimeo

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy: Prototype for Morph (Test 1) from Sylvia Toy on Vimeo.

I am pretty stoked about this project because it took me four years to come up with any concrete ideas. I think it took learning animation and quasi animation to fully realize a story scenario. Process is everything.

DERMALIAN, a movie in preproduction about an alien race long after humans for whom, having discovered the ruins of the NYPL, human culture is all the rage: Animation versus puppets. #sylviatoystlouis #sylviatoyindustries #experimentalfilm #videoperformance #greenscreenart #scifi

DERMALIAN is blogged here and vlogged here.

Solved: Fitting a Spaceship Inside a One-Bedroom Apartment

I thought I had finally been whipped. I thought my monomania and determination could not make it possible to fit a spaceship inside this apartment.

And then I thought of the rich gelatinous fluid brew that is a Dermalian's body and saw my Librarian, Creative and Zombie Shakespearean traveling comfortably and safely inside a beautifully simple, transparent bubble full of a sterile, space-ready substance that provides all of the substances that Dermalians need to breath, all the nutrients and liquids that they need and also, a purification and recycling system for all of their wastes. The "bubble" will be a hole in a matte of outer space with the shape changing according to the perspective in any particular scene. 
Less is so often more.
#sylviatoystlouis #sylviatoyindustries #experimentalfilm #videoperformance #greenscreenart #scifi

Poor Woman's Copyright


DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy: The Story

DERMALIAN has 3 main characters:
A member of the Creative CasteA member of the Librarian Caste (The Librarian, borne from a Dermalian human couple, was born 98% human without the ability to transform himself into a Dermalian. He resents being human and being treated like an experiment and has vociferously fought for a “cure” for his congenital defect.)The Shakespearean Zombie: A Creative linguist, who was part of one of the first earth expeditions and who is credited with discovering NYPL and deciphering human language. He became a Shakespearean actor as a hobby/art form. 
They are in a space ship on the way to earth. The Zombie can’t completely die because even though his human anatomy is dead and has to be continually repatched with synthetic stem cell tissue, the Dermalian part of his anatomy is still alive. (Backstory: The Zombie was given human form in the earliest stage of Dermalian to human surgery before the advanced surgical techniques that could make Dermalian completely huma…

Animation versus puppets ...