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Introduction to character backstories DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy © 2018

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DERMALIAN Cast of Characters

All of the scenes in this movie will be shot splitscreen/greenscreen. Theoretically, I can shoot anywhere if I/my assistant cinematographer(s) get the specs right. Except for the Home Base Sub-Commander, who I have already envisioned as a middle-aged woman and the Space Bubble Pilot, who I have already envisioned as a late-30s, early-40s man, gender, cis/trans/otherwise, is not set in my mind. #femalefilmmakerfri #experimentalfilm #AfricanAmericanArt #scififri
CHARACTERS Dermalian Home Base Sub-Commander (Dermalian or Human Dermalian female)*: Liason between the Space Bubble, the Archaeological Earth Expedition and The Human Project, a division of the Dermalian governmentHuman Dermalian Space Bubble Pilot (Librarian male):A member of the Librarian Caste (The Librarian, borne from a Dermalian human couple, was born 98% human without the ability to transform himself into a Dermalian. He resents being human and being treated like an experiment and has vociferously fought for a “cure” for …

DERMALIAN will have 7 principle characters

Research: Virtually touring the NYPL

Since I haven’t been to #NYPL for 100 years, I’m watching video tours to get ideas/images for the ruins being excavated/preserved by alien #archaeologist in my #movie#DERMALIAN. #storydevelopment#femalefilmmaker#scifi#greenscreen#sylviatoyindustries — Sylviatoyindustries (@sylvia_toy) March 29, 2018

DERMALIAN Character Development: The Dermalian Archaeological Team

Dermalian Earth personnel: The crew scanning the New York Public Library are a Dermalian Librarian wearing a layer of memory Plasma with an inner layer of brain next to the body on one side and an outer layer of sensory nodes (touch, sight, sound) on the other side and a Human Dermalian Creative wearing a suit made of memory Plasma. The Librarian is the Captain of the excavation; he has not been able to learn to speak human language in his Dermalian form and has to morph a human head in order to communicate with the Human Librarian. At the time of their first communication, the Captain's human hair is standing on end all over his head and he is concerned about the project staying on schedule because it is monsoon season in New York as a result of global warming on Earth; and lightning  crashes the memory Plasma, so he and his crewmate cannot scan until the storms end.
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Floor Plan of the Lower Level of the New York Public Library

Basement Floor Plan, New York Public Library Originally saved from the Library of Congress.
I am sketching scene summaries; and I thought of the first in-flight communication between the Space Bubble pilot en route to Earth and the team of archaeologists who are on Earth completing their scans of the NYPL before it is encased in Plasma that was developed for preservation of the NYPL. The Dermalians, rather than excavating and removing the NYPL so that it can be reconstructed in a protective environment on their home planet, instead, as their archaeological protocols require, are scanning the site so that they can create a full sized replica of it. I realized I still didn't have a sense of place for the archaeologists and went looking for a diagram as a place to start creating "ruins" in my mind.
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Film business plan research

WTF! You need a #filmbusinessplan even if you're seeking #grants, not investors? Found a list of questions for starting a #businessplan ( Q. Who Is Your #TargetAudience? A. Followers of international #arthouse. :-))))) — Sylviatoyindustries (@sylvia_toy) March 26, 2018

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy EXPERIMENTS Plasma Morph|Silent © 2018

My first experiment showing the reciprocal altruism fundamental to DERMALIAN culture between Dermalians and their environmental Plasma. The function of an empathic Creative aboard a small crew space bubble (; includes taking care of the Plasma ( In order to accomplish this, the Creative who usually wears a Human body, transforms part of her body to Plasma-like tissue that best enables her to provide the nurturing that the Plasma needs to stay health. Her anatomical changes allow her to partially merge and interact directly with the Plasma. 
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DERMALIAN Plasma Experiment 2: As the Creative/Empath begins to morph to enable complete interaction

This "cultivation" of and caring for the Plasma happens in a part of the space bubble somewhere aft. I do not have a floorplan yet because I am still working out what work functions the two-person crew performs. Mood. #storydevelopment. Space traveling aliens live in a symbiotic environment with a Plasma that is necessary for their survival. Plasma is similar to muscle tissue and has a tendency toward inflammation that must be treated.— Sylviatoyindustries (@sylvia_toy) March 18, 2018 #storydevelopment #femalefilmmaker #scifi #greenscreen #sylviatoy #symbiosis #alienspacetravel

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy Plasma2 © 2018

#storydevelopment. Space traveling aliens live in a symbiotic environment with a Plasma that is necessary for their survival; and the welfare of which is strictly regulated. #femalefilmmakerfriday#scifiFri#greenscreen#sylviatoy

Issues involved in taking care of the Plasma:

Temperature (must be warm)Hydration (must be kept at a constant to avoid both dehydration and over-saturation or even drowning)Respiration (constantly monitored because a decrease in respiration is the first sign of tension)Tension (Plasma is similar to muscle tissue and has a tendency toward tension that causes inflammation, lowered temperature, dehydration and impaired respiration that causes stiffness and lack of flexibility and comfort, leading to stress in the Plasma. Empathic Dermalians are capable of massage techniques that relieve tension in the Plasma.)

"Reciprocal Altruism," fundamental to DERMALIAN culture

Reciprocal altruism: organism‘s behavior reduces its fitness while increasing another organism's fitness with the expectation that the other [will reciprocate]. #DERMALIANS live in symbiosis with environmental plasma they cultivate/tend to/protect. — Sylviatoyindustries (@sylvia_toy) March 15, 2018#sylviatoy #sylviatoyindustries #experimentalfilm #videoperformance #greenscreenart #scifi #AfricanAmericanArt #Environmental #DERMALIAN

Stumbled upon in research: FAA "Human Space Flight Checklist"

Research. "Each member of a flight crew and any remote operator must execute a reciprocal waiver of claims with the FAA of the DOT." U.S. Government has not certified vehicle as safe. Whoa Nelly! #spacetravel#astronauts#flyatyourownrisk — Sylviatoyindustries (@sylvia_toy) March 14, 2018 #DERMALIAN #scifi #experimentalfilm #sylviatoyindustries

DERMALIAN Space Ship, Experiment 1 - The Librarian Pilots the Ship

#DERMALIAN space ship, experiment 1 - The Librarian pilots the ship: An alien race long after humans for whom, having discovered the ruins of the NYPL, human culture is all the rage. #sylviatoy #sylviatoyindustries #experimentalfilm #videoperformance #greenscreenart #scifi #AfricanAmericanArt #Environmental

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy: The Dermalian Environment

DERMALIAN, a #scifi#movie in #preproduction: Microscopic view of life-sustaining plasma that is fundamental to the Dermalians' survival. Strict Dermalian laws about humane treatment of their environment, i.e., the plasma!!! — Sylviatoyindustries (@sylvia_toy) March 8, 2018

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy: Pre-production Video Essay (Plasma 1)

DERMALIAN, a movie in preproduction about an alien race long after humans for whom, having discovered the ruins of the NYPL, human culture is all the rage. This video essay explores the what and how of the life-sustaining plasma that is fundamental to the Dermalians' survival during intergalactic travel. #sylviatoystlouis #sylviatoyindustries #experimentalfilm #videoperformance #greenscreenart #scifi

Casting notes 

I have begun applying for grants so that I can hire and train actors for DERMALIAN and other projects. If my luck is so bad that I don’t win any grants, I may have to play both The Librarian and The Creative characters so that I can afford to hire a classical stage actor to play The Zombie Shakespearean. 
A note about The Zombie Shakespearean: Before I had the greenscreening depth perception that I have now, I pictured shooting The Shakespearean in a studio with catwalks so that as the character wanders the world of the story (which now is inside a space bubbleship), he appears at different elevations. Issue number one of course is the safety of the actor; so I am back at the drawing board trying to figure out to show The Shakespearean wafting through the space bubble at different levels. 
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