DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy Plasma2 © 2018

#storydevelopment. Space traveling aliens live in a symbiotic environment with a Plasma that is necessary for their survival; and the welfare of which is strictly regulated. #femalefilmmakerfriday #scifiFri #greenscreen #sylviatoy

Issues involved in taking care of the Plasma:

  1. Temperature (must be warm)
  2. Hydration (must be kept at a constant to avoid both dehydration and over-saturation or even drowning)
  3. Respiration (constantly monitored because a decrease in respiration is the first sign of tension)
  4. Tension (Plasma is similar to muscle tissue and has a tendency toward tension that causes inflammation, lowered temperature, dehydration and impaired respiration that causes stiffness and lack of flexibility and comfort, leading to stress in the Plasma. Empathic Dermalians are capable of massage techniques that relieve tension in the Plasma.)


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