DERMALIAN Character Development: The Dermalian Archaeological Team

Dermalian Earth personnel: The crew scanning the New York Public Library are a Dermalian Librarian wearing a layer of memory Plasma with an inner layer of brain next to the body on one side and an outer layer of sensory nodes (touch, sight, sound) on the other side and a Human Dermalian Creative wearing a suit made of memory Plasma. The Librarian is the Captain of the excavation; he has not been able to learn to speak human language in his Dermalian form and has to morph a human head in order to communicate with the Human Librarian. At the time of their first communication, the Captain's human hair is standing on end all over his head and he is concerned about the project staying on schedule because it is monsoon season in New York as a result of global warming on Earth; and lightning  crashes the memory Plasma, so he and his crewmate cannot scan until the storms end.


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