DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy, EXPERIMENTS: Spaceship5/Prologue © 2018 (03:13 minutes)

Tentative Prologue of #DERMALIAN, a movie in preproduction about an alien race long after humans for whom, having discovered the ruins of the NYPL, human culture is all the rage. Director: Sylvia Toy St Louis. Co-Producers: Michael Lewis and #Sylviatoyindustries. 

#sylviatoystlouis#africanamericanart #experimentalfilm#femalefilmmakerfriday🎥#specialeffects #scifi

This is one of many preproduction videos that will be made during story development. I usually create at least 5 times more scenes than are in the final cut of the movie. My husband Mike Lewis is Story Consultant/Dramaturge for DERMALIAN and he always kills the right darlings. We are pleased to be making progress on the story, which we have been talking about, making drawings and designs for, and trying to figure out how to make this movie since 2013. Long story short, we had lots of ideas but no story until we had a protagonist, Captain Barack, the Pilot and Commander of the Space Bubble.


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