DERMALIAN Cast of Characters, Revised

All of the scenes in this movie will be shot splitscreen/greenscreen. Theoretically, I can shoot anywhere if I/my assistant cinematographer(s) get the specs right. Except for the Home Base Sub-Commander, who I have already envisioned as a middle-aged woman and the Space Bubble Pilot, who I have already envisioned as a late-30s, early-40s man, gender, cis/trans/otherwise, is not set in my mind. #femalefilmmakerfri #experimentalfilm #AfricanAmericanArt #scififri

  1. Dermalian Home Base Sub-Commander (Dermalian or Human Dermalian female): General Jacqueline Pearce. Yes, that Jacqueline Pearce, who played the greatest SciFi villainess clotheshorse of all time. Liason between the Space Bubble, the Archaeological Earth Expedition and The Human Project, a division of the Dermalian government
  2. Human Dermalian Space Bubble Pilot (Librarian male): Captain Barack. A member of the Librarian Caste. Barack, born to a Dermalian human couple 98% human and without the ability to transform himself into a Dermalian. He is stoic being human and open-minded and unusually empathetic for a Librarian about being treated like an experiment because of what he sees as his congenital defect.
  3. Human Dermalian Space Bubble Plasma Specialist (Empathic Creative trans or female): Dr. Jane.
  4. The Reenactor (in life, William, A Shakespearean Actor; in death, as christened by low-empathy Librarian cataloguers, "Zombie Shakespearean.") Human Dermalian male Creative, a philologist who led the first earth expeditions and who is credited with discovering NYPL and deciphering human language. He became a Shakespearean actor as a hobby/art form and then made it his profession. The Reenactor can’t completely die because even though his human anatomy is dead and has to be continually repatched with synthetic stem cell tissue, the Dermalian part of his anatomy is still alive. (Backstory: The Reenactor was given human form in the earliest stage of Dermalian to human surgery before the advanced surgical techniques that could make Dermalian completely human while retaining the ability to transform.) The Reenactor can no longer transform because he’s sleepwalking and one has to be conscious in order to transform.
  5. Dermalian Librarian Lead Archaeologist, Captain Georges Méliès (Dermalian / sometimes with a human head, male): the Captain of the excavation; he has not been able to learn to speak human language in his Dermalian form and has to morph a human head in order to communicate with the Human Librarian. 
  6. Human Dermalian Librarian Assistant Archaeologist (Female) Lieutenant Blondie: Very young but prodigious having finished her archaeology studies at an age equivalent to a 14 year old human. She is probably related to the Lead Archaeologist. She is very keen on the Human Millennial because in her professional opinion, The Millennium was the beginning Human culture being global, and that though it was already too late, The Millennials were heroic in their efforts to save their species. She is disappointed and annoyed that the Memory Plasma covers her tattoos, of which she is very proud.
  7. Human Dermalian Empathic Creative, Dr. Jules Verne (Scientist): Very absorbed in the work and not a good communicator. Prefers to communicate nonvocally and is surly when forced to.


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