Interview of DERMALIAN Character: 98% Human Librarian Pilot Barack

"My human name is Barack. My parents chose to be dark-skinned people. My mother was very interested in African American culture and my father was interested in African American culture and music. 

I'm 40 years old in human years. Since I'm a bit of a mutation it's hard for me not to think of myself as a deformity. I was born 98 % Human and only 2% Dermalian. 40 years ago was before Dermalians knew that a Human Dermalian child could be born of Dermalian parents without the ability to go back and forth between human form and Dermalian form.

I'm one of a kind I'm one of a kind and the closest I have in common with any other Dermalian is the zombie Shakespearean, who can't die. If he was able to go back to Dermalian form, he could probably go on living for another 50 to 75 years. But his human form is dead; and he can't go back to Dermalian form any more than I can go to Dermalian form. In fact there isn't a back to Dermalian for me because I was born like this - I was born human. 

My parents are just like anybody else's parents - they want to protect you, they want the best for you, they don't want you to be hurt. I don't know what age I was when the medical people told my parents that I was almost pure human and I probably would never be able to make a choice to have a Dermalian form or at least part of it. So my parents had a rule that we all had to live as humans. We were an experiment. We were going to set an example for the rest of our people by trying to live as close to human as humanly possible. I I read that expression somewhere. I think that's very funny because humans are so limited. Nobody on this planet knows that like I know it and so humanly possible is doesn't seem very possible to me. 

I was not a particularly rebellious child, but we all - especially human children - come close to the teenage years when we want to experiment. We want more autonomy and we particularly want more autonomy over out bodies. So, one day when I was old enough to be at home by myself and there was noone to say "What are you doing, Barack?" - I'd been building myself up to the moment when I would finally merge into Dermalian form. I couldn't do it; and in fact trying to do it with only 2% of Dermalian makeup made me ill and put me into a medical facility for about 6 months. I had to have surgery because trying to morph to Dermalian form hurt my internal organs. I convalesced for quite a while and was away from my studies.  Once I was out of danger - I think is the way medical people put it - and my parents realized that they had to tell me that I couldn't go to Dermalian form: that was a very hard moment. 

I don't fault them for that. I'm not a particularly rebellious person but I'm also not a particularly emotional person. We're Librarians in my family  - strictly logical, pragmatic, to the point. We just always want to get to the point and and not not dwell on anything that's overly emotional. But it was painful.

I'm hoping that by making this trip to Earth where crewmate Jane and I will be taking over the Earth camp temporarily from the crew that is there. We are taking the zombie Shakespearean with us because we're hoping that if if we are in a Human environment, it may be more possible to use plasma technology to save the Human form of the zombie Shakespearean or at least allow him to revert to Dermalian form so that he can live more naturally. And hopefully, the technology will be able in that environment to allow me more flexibility in my form; and maybe a longer life span. That's very attractive to me - a longer lifespan."

[Sylviatoyindustries is an award winning actor/filmmaker, internationally exhibiting video art since 2008. Her CV,]


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