Interview with DERMALIAN character: empathic Creative medic, Jane

She is equivalent to 45-50 in human age, but explains that Dermalians have longer life spans than Humans and because of Plasma technology are able to regenerate. Human Dermalians don’t get cancer. Jane is Human 90% of the time except for her morphing as part of her work with Plasma. 

Her parents are both Creatives who are aesthetes, poetic and literary. Her father is Human 30% of the time; her mother is human 50-60% of the time, mostly because she loves Human fashion. Her father supports her mother in this because it’s in pursuit of beauty. Jane’s parents collect all sorts of beautiful things, which even if they hadn’t gotten interested in Human culture they would do because of the pursuit of beauty. Her father would like to obtain a suit of armor, but so far has not been able to obtain one because none have been found in Manhattan yet - there are only pictures. Jan emphasizes, however, that her parents’ collecting beauty is not materialistic. Materialism was a human phenomenon. 

Jane’s parents have always supported her in what she wanted to do; but they are disappointed that she chose medicine instead of the arts. Jane likes science, which her parents don’t see as creative. Jane believes, however, that taking care of and empathizing with Plasma is creative. She likes the Human concept of “love” and tries to apply it to her medical practice by visualing every individual cell of Plasma and loving it as she takes care of it. 

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