Lt. Blondie's Secret

Lt. Blondie is an undercover state police person who was assigned to Capt. George Méliés' team to keep surveillance on la Dottoressa Giulia Verne, who has long been suspected of conducting unregistered experiments on Plasma. It is illegal to conduct research and experiments on Plasma that have not been registered with the Dermalian Plasma Empathy Oversight Bureau.

Registration of Plasma research is a juridical process that requires the filing of a petition for a hearing on the ethics, scientific urgency/relevance and scientific merit of the proposed research. The petition must be supplemented with a detailed description of the methods and process to be applied in conducting the research, a detailed brief citing precedence for the research and no fewer than 20 notarized affidavits by the petitioner's peers endorsing the petition. Dottoressa Verne has made several petitions, all of which were rejected by the Clerk because they were incomplete, i.e. lacking valid citations to precedence and or lacking the required minimum number of peer endorsements. There is sufficient evidence of la Dottoressa clandestinely obtaining material for the conduct of the kinds of research described in her numerous unsuccessful petitions but insufficient evidence to make an outright arrest. There is no imprisonment on Dermalia. High crimes involving ethics and empathy are dealt with by offenders being induced into custodial comas. Also, because la Dottoressa is classified as handicapped, i.e., Librarian with 4th degree empathy (the norm for Librarians is 1-1/2th degree), she is as protected under the laws pertaining to empathy as the Plasma is. In order to arrest la Dottoressa, Lt. Blondie must catch her in the act of violating the law.

Having personally experienced the neuroelectrical disruption of the Plasma outside Giulia Verne's lab but not having actually witnessed what was going on in the lab, Lt. Blondie reports this something of a break in the case to her superiors. Many hours of animation for Sylvia this week. #scififriday #DERMALIAN #greenscreenart


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