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So, grantwriting really makes me unhappy. I am confident that I can take #DERMALIAN to another level with a diverse cast, but it’s rehearsal vs. the show for me and I know I won’t love the movie as much as I love my Storyboard. It’s like gardening. You work your ass off, pull weeds, worry, fret and fight with mosquitoes. Then one day, it’s fantastic for a minute and then everything is picked and gone. I have always gotten more gratification from rehearsal than I did from live performance.

But if I get the cash I need, I will make the movie, be proud of it and let it have its own life. That’s my job. And fortunately, I won’t be grantwriting for a while because I’ve applied to everything I’m eligible for at this time.

Captain Barack's ship arrives at its quarantine orbit above Earth

Captain Barack's ship has arrived at its destination, Earth, and has begun its 21 day quarantine orbit 80 miles above the planet. Captain Barack finds himself being affected by a phenomon that is similar to mild electric shock. DER…— Sylviatoyindustries (@sylvia_toy) September 18, 2018

Set-building for new scenes on the Space Bubble

Process is everything

#animation #femalefilmmakerfriday #scififri #greenscreen #DERMALIAN #preproduction #sylviatoyindustries #sylviatoy #actingimprovisation #storyboard #storyboarding #liveaction I knew in 2013-14 when I was still trying to master keying and before animation had occurred to me that if I wanted to make a sci fi movie with aliens and space ships, I would have to try to raise money - not a lot, around $100,000.I will pay my actors the day rate but I won’t be trying to hire movie stars. A couple of years ago I wrote that if I was going to work with other actors, they would have to have a lot of small theater experience as I do. They also likely would have to be nonunion. That’s not because I’m anti-union. That’s because if I had been a union theater artist, I probably couldn’t have been in my own solo shows, performing in nonunion alternative spaces. I probably wouldn’t have been able to evolve from a bare stage with no props and only my abilities as an actor to worldbuild, to the point of …

DERMALIAN Storyboard, Part One Trailer/Teaser

Dermalian, the Storyboard 

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy: The Storyboard, Part One (Copyright 2018; Copyright Registration pending) from Sylvia Toy on Vimeo.

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy+Michael Lewis is a movie in pre-production about an alien race long after humans that discovers the ruins of the NYPL (New York Public Library) and establishes it as a major archaeological site.


The DERMALIAN storyboard is being created through a process of improvisation. During this story development phase, I create and play all the characters including voiceovers in the storyboard. I have developed story by improvising directly on camera since 2010, benefiting greatly from my almost 20 years of experience as a solo theatre artist performing four or five characters in the same room at the same time. Though in its raw, unpolished state improvised dialogue often is stiff, awkward and sometimes longwinded, I trust and believe in this character-acting story development process. Who better to tell a character’s story and backstor…