DERMALIAN screenplay in-progress! 

DERMALIAN screenplay in-progress! Writing now, formatting later as I am in composing crunch mode. 

While developing backstory for DERMALIAN, I became convinced that the reason we are killing the Earth is our perversely unnatural dissociation from it - i.e., "Nature" is over there & we are over here. We do not live in symbiosis with nature & we do not live empathetically with nature. Empathy became not just a natural capacity but the core value of Dermalian culture; and Dermalian technology is based on an organic, sentient substance, Plasma with which the Dermalians live in symbiosis & which the Dermalians protect with strict protocols & laws.

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy: Aliens long after humans, who having discovered the ruins of the New York Public Library & becoming enamored of humans, establish the Ruins of the NYPL archaeological site & investigate why humans became extinct.

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