Thoughts about fundraising

So, I'm hoping to get some feedback about the more firmly planted every day stance that I feel I have to take about fundraising for DERMALIAN. I did a lot of technical (specifically, legal) writing in dayjob, so grantwriting is not difficult for me. I have written successful grant proposals before and as grantwriting is one of those things that you're always getting better at if you do it on a regular basis, eventually I probably will be successful again, especially since I now have a proper Spec screenplay. As a donor, I give from my gut. Most of the time I give without selecting a thank you gift. I give because I want to give. I should insert that crowdfunding is out because 1) there's no crowd because a crowd would totally fuck up my workflow and 2) I am too old to contort my introvert nature into something I don't want to be after doing that Monday-Friday until I was 64 so I could pay for rent, food, art supplies, oh - and the hated clothes that I had to wear to try to fit in. which of course was a bust. I think if people care so much that they want to donate, that's what they will do whether or not there is tit-for-tat. I thought for a New York minute about getting a Dermalian Plasma still or a still of my mad scientist character screenprinted and I almost vomited. I have a ton of good - some of it great - content on the Internet that anyone can watch for free. I am not inclined to start printing T-shirts. I've pretty much decided that if you can't find fundraising methods that you don't have to change your personality for, you should probably scale back your plans so you can afford to pay for your own projects. So, I have probably already made up my mind but I'm posting because I've found that sometimes you get the best advice from people who aren't trying to give you advice. Thanks. You can make a donation to the project through our fiscal sponsor Women Make Movies: #femalefilmmakers #scifi #empathy #environment
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