Production Design

#productiondesign this week. I’m finalizing looks so that scenes on Earth, Dermalia and the Space Bubble are consistently distinct from each other so the audience always knows where they are. I’m also excited about my new plan for the designs of Dermalian IT, which the Dermalians refer to as “The Basic.” I’m starting with the design of the Helm, which is prominent in the movie. I am psyched. DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy: Aliens long after humans, who having discovered the ruins of the New York Public Library & becoming enamored of humans, establish the Ruins of the NYPL archaeological site & investigate why humans became extinct. You can make a donation to the project through our fiscal sponsor Women Make Movies: Many thanks to donors Gwendolyn Audrey Foster, David Greiss and Mrs. Pippi Konstanski. #femalefilmmakers #greenscreen #animation #stopmotion #empathy #environment #plasticpollution
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