Three new scenes written this week – read by "Alex" the voice of my iMac

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Three new scenes added to a screenplay I’ve been working on for ten months. I am a natural born underwriter and the first draft begins about two months after the story really should begin. So this week has been exciting if a bit scary because I’m writing conflicts between characters who were never even the same room in 1st or 2nd draft. Today I felt the need to actually hear what I’ve written this week before I began the next scene. I had my iMac read it to me. In spite of the mechanical voice, I found it helpful. A few points: the iMac reads everything including the “stage directions.” “INT” which you hear a lot means “interior (indoor) scene.” “O.S.” means “offscreen” or voiceover. The characters who speak in these scenes are High Councillor Leela, The Guardian, Captain Barack and Sub-Commander Pearce. #femalefilmmakers #screenplay #screenwriting #rewriting
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