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The characters becoming "of a mind" now that the point of the story is known – in other words, "Why did humans become extinct?"

A Lookbook for DERMALIAN


A session with Sister Crusher, Empathy Therapist

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My updated CV

I am a middle-class Black housewife who greenscreens movies in my livingroom. I have screened internationally in visual arts venues since 2008 & on the film festival circuit since 2014. I am pleased to have received some special recognition: Golden Leaf for Best Animated Feature Film, Hazel Eye Film Festival (2019); Best Fx Design, FICOCC #13 (2018); Nominee, Best Editing, Austin Arthouse Film Festival (2018); Grand Jury Award (2016) & Gold Award (2018), L.A.N.N.E.F.F.; Hon. Mention/Cinematography & Best Director Nominee (2017), Creative Arts Film Festival. VIDEOGRAPHY Year of creation: 2011 TRAVELING TO. Selected for STREETVIDEOART/Larcade Gallery, Paris, 2012. Year of creation: 2013 RUNNING OUT. Selected for Pineapple Underground Film Festival, Hong Kong, 2014. Year of creation: 2014 BEFORE CHILL. Selected for Creative Arts Film Festival and awarded Honorable Mention for Best Cinematography, Online festival, 2016. Semi-Finalist, Directed By Women-NYC Shorts of All Sorts,…

Two conflicting theories about the cause of Human extinction

Unique DERMALIAN Research Video Clips will soon be available for collecting

I am excited about a new venture I’m planning. I want to offer limited release, unique watermarked clips (Apple Pro Res HQ, 1920 x 1080, file size approximately 1.5 to 2 GB) from movies that have received recognition from curators, art venues and or film festivals.
Because the files will be so hi-res as well as unique, they will be as close to originals as digital files can be. For each movie, I will release a maximum of 5 clips from 20 to 60 seconds in duration. The releases will be limited and the clips will be unique in that I will not sell the same clip to more than one collector.
End credits will include the movie’s "pedigree"–selections, screenings, awards, special mentions and or bibliographical references, etc.
I will initiate transactions via art social networks.
#femalefilmmakers #blackartist #sellingart #originalart #videoclips

Conflict conflict conflict

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