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Finishing a rewrite is a writer's peace of mind (until the next draft)

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A limited number of DERMALIAN pre-production clips are now available on Saatchi Art

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy on Saatchi Art

I am offering a maximum of five high resolution (422 ProRes HQ) clips from 45 to 150 seconds in duration, not including titles and credits. On my Saatchi Art portfolio.

The clips will be unique in that I will not sell the same clip to more than one collector–in other words, these clips are not part of an edition. The titles include the U.S. Copyright Office registration number. The end credits will include the movie’s links and bibliographical references. Clips will be transferred to collectors via flashdrive. In my opinion as someone who works on some stage of filmmaking every day of the week, there is nothing more precious than pure, raw work.

The real Dr. Verne

A 'darling' that will not die